Tailored Therapy Training Programs: From Novice to Advanced Practitioners

Unlock your potential in the field of therapy with our specialised education programs. Catering to diverse expertise levels, we offer tailored training solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you're just starting out, a Level 3/4 certified therapist, or a seasoned professional with Level 5 or higher qualifications, our courses are designed to enhance your skills and advance your practice. 

Therapy education has, on the whole, been stuck in a period of explanations that are very mechanical. The human body is not a machine and can't be treated as such. Machines can’t adapt - humans can.  If you have heard these terms in your previous training or from therapists you’ve seen:

Breaking down scar tissue...
Postural alignment...Text neck...Upper Cross Syndrome...
Breaking down adhesions...

then our diploma is definitely for you. The days of teaching about perfect postural alignment and pronated feet and valgus knees causing pain should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, these theories are still taught. Informing patients that their pain is due to a structural 'problems' can be very damaging to their prognosis and make them reliant on being 'fixed' by the therapist.
Join a team...

Being on your own can be daunting...

We provide a private Facebook group for all of our learners and graduates. We actively encourage our Movement Therapy Diploma learners across the UK to work together to form professional networks.
If you have a tricky patient, a condition you've never heard of or need some help with your marketing then this group, with its diverse range of people, can help guide you in the right direction. It can be daunting setting up on your own, but we make sure that you have someone to contact whilst studying and when graduating so that you feel part of a large multidisciplinary team.

Part of a team

The Movement Therapy Diploma is accredited by the Sports Therapy Association and upon completion of the diploma, you can register as a member of the STA. Throughout your studies, you can join as a student member where you also have access to the STA Facebook groups where there are hundreds of experienced and well-qualified therapists around the UK to help you during your studies and after graduating.


As a member of the STA you will be able to apply for student insurance through Balens and then convert to full insurance once you have graduated

Advanced Insurance

When you reach phase 4 of the course you will learn techniques that, if you would would like to use them in practice, require a higher level of insurance. We have teamed up with BGi Insurance to insure you for these more advanced manipulative therapy skills

Full Diploma FAQ's:

Is it a full time course?

It is not full time attendance but you will generally attend 1-2 days a month and then have to dedicate a similar amount of time to pre and post course assessments. We anticipate a time commitment of at least 4 days a month over the 3 year period.

How do the 'phases' work?

The course is split in to four 'phases'. Each phase must be completed in order from 1 to 4. However, within the phases you can attend the contact days in any order you wish.

What if I can't attend a day?

Don't worry, you can re-book on to the next available date. You will be given access to our booking system and can amend your bookings at any time

What if I want to re-do any days again?

No problem. You can attend the face to face days as many times as you want within a 3 year period. If you're not sure of anything or just want a refresher you are welcome to re-book again. We want to make sure that you are absolutely confident with what you have to do

What if I already have a Level 5 qualification?

You can opt for the Exercise Therapist or Clinical Pathway. 

Can I diagnose?

No. To be able to diagnose you have to be part of a regulated profession and Sports Therapy is not regulated. This is the same as those undertaking a Degree in Sports Therapy. You will be able to perform clinical assessments and then refer your clients, where necessary,  to an appropriate allied healthcare professional

If I can't diagnose - what's the point?

The purpose of this course is not to make you a diagnostic clinician but to make you an extremely thorough and safe practitioner who knows exactly where their scope of practice starts and finishes. It is a highly respected trait to know when you have reached the limit of your capabilities and refer on to someone who will be better qualified to help. You will be able to clinically reason, read research literature, interpret the findings and then apply that knowledge to your practice - these are all excellent qualities.

What if I am new to therapy?

You can complete our Level 3 course in Sports Massage

Contact us

Applying for a course like the Movement Therapy Diploma is an expense in terms of time and money so we want to make sure that it's the right course for you. You can get in touch by completing the enquiry form:

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