Complete Beginner

Level 3 (£1495)

For those new to the therapy realm, our Level 3 course serves as the ideal entry point. While rooted in conventional sports massage techniques, our distinct curriculum incorporates pivotal elements of Pain Neuroscience Education. 
Additionally, we introduce learners to the cutting-edge theory of DermoNeuroModulation, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms of manual therapy effects. 
Embark on a comprehensive learning journey and stay ahead of the latest in therapeutic approaches with our specialised course.

Already have a Level 3/4 Qualification in Sports Massage

Level 5 (£2999)

✅ Elevating your foundational understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, our Level 5 course delves deep into the intricacies of pain management and client care. 
 ✅ Prioritising patient communication and meticulous clinical evaluation—including all essential assessment documentation—this course spans 14 modules over a flexible 12-18 month period. 
✅ Learn to integrate your established manual therapy techniques with early stage exercise programs to assist clients in pain. 
✅ Dive into advanced pathologies, gaining insight into pain beyond just musculoskeletal causes.
✅ This program emphasises the criticality of a detailed case history evaluation. Enhance your expertise and broaden your understanding of comprehensive pain management.
  • Introduction to Research Methods (Online)
  • ​Mastering Case History Taking & Introduction to Pain Neuroscience Education (Online & Face to Face)
  • ​Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Interventions (Online)
  • ​Clinical Assessment and Early Stage Exercises for Knee, Foot & Ankle, Hip, Spine, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand (Online and 6 x Face to Face)
  • ​Advanced Manual Therapy (One day face to face)
  • ​IASTM and Taping (RockTape) (One day face to face)
  • ​Trackside Therapy (Event)
  • ​Sports First Aid (One day face to face)

Already have a Level 5 or Degree Qualification in Massage/Therapy?

Exercise Therapist Pathway (£1495)

Enhancing your Level 5+ capabilities, the Exercise Therapist Pathway is tailored for those keen on evaluating client exercise routines, devising a needs analysis based on sports or functional movements, guiding clients during workouts, and designing exercise plans. Consisting of 4 modules spread over 8-12 months.

This pathway has the added benefit of qualifying you as a Certified Personal Trainer (£2095)

Clinical Pathway (£1995)

Building upon your Level 5+ expertise, the Clinical Pathway offers a specialised route for professionals aiming to elevate their clinical competencies. This comprehensive program encompasses Electrotherapy (Shockwave), Joint Manipulations, Tendinopathy Rehabilitation, and Neurological Testing, while also introducing participants to medical imaging, Pathology and Pharmacology. Enhance your clinical understanding with our tailored pathway. and - All Rights Reserved - Policies
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