Excellence in Therapy Education

Movement Therapy Diploma

  • 25 Modules delivered over 3 years
  • BRIDGING THE GAP between Sports Massage/Personal Training and Musculoskeletal Clinicians
  • DEGREE LEVEL content, delivery and assessment

Special Guest Courses

  • Top instructors in DermoNeuroModulation (DNM) from Canada - Mike Reoch and Rey Allen
  • Learn about the subcutaneous nerves and how to treat the your clients via their nervous system
  • Walt Fritz - One of the most experienced manual therapy practitioners in the United States
  • ​Pioneer of myofascial release in the US now taking a different perspective on what treatment does

Online Education

  • Start learning new therapy skills immediately
  • Perfect as introductions to new topic areas or as CPD
  • Assessed CPD - get tested on your knowledge
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