Jack Woolhouse
Personal Trainer, Movement Therapist
✓ Personal Training ✓ Strength and Conditioning Coach ✓Sports Therapy 
Hi, My name is Jack and I'm a full time personal trainer and sports therapist at Movement therapy Clinics in Harborne, Birmingham. The services I offer include one to one training, semi-private (partner and small group) training, Sports Therapy and soft tissue treatment and general pain management.
I currently run the Strength and Conditioning classes in Harborne on a Monday and Friday morning and Friday evening.
I also coach recreational to elite athletes to prepare them for the demands of their sport. This helps to best reduce the risk of injury and excel in their own performance.
"During the 3 years, Jack’s support has been invaluable in my progres. His attitude towards pushing me in the right direction, via coaching and understanding has been first class. As you can imagine at 55 I come with quite a few aches and pains !! Again because of Jack’s knowledge and expertise in not only Personal Training but Sports Therapy we have managed to continue my development without causing injury, which is great for my future as we both work towards my long term goal."
Mark Brannigan
"I started training with Jack and it was the BEST thing I had ever done! Right from the very first session, Jack was professional and very patient with me. These sessions are definitely educational as you do begin to learn and understand more about your body, movement and why you’re experiencing the problems that affect your overall health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally."
Rav Kumar
How to find us..
Movement Therapy Clinics
24 Earls Court Road
B17 9AH
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