Daniel Williams BSc (Hons)
The MVMNT Therapist
 Are you in Pain? Injured? 

Not as fit as you used to be?

Not as good at your sport anymore?
MSK Pain & Injury Therapist 
Strength & Rehabilitation Coach

Daniel can help you;
✓ Ease Your Pain ✓ Move Freer 
✓ Rehab Your Injuries 
✓ Get Stronger
✓ Perform Better  ✓ Lose Weight 

✓ Rehabilitation from Injury ✓ Soft Tissue Therapy ✓  Personal Training

Hi, My name is Daniel - The MVMNT Therapist. I'm an MSK Pain and Injury Therapist and Strength Coach at Movement Therapy Clinics in Harborne. Some of the services I offer are to do with Pain Management, Rehab, Rehab Training, Sports Performance, Soft Tissue Therapy as well as Personal Training/Coaching 1:1 or small group classes.

Having been qualified for over 15 years in the industry, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of people including the Disabled, Sedentary as well as Professional Athletes. However, due to nature of what we do at Movement Therapy Clinics and the multifaceted approach with up to date and evidenced principles and programming we have had a lot of people come to us as a last resort, having tried many other available avenues available to them. Among these people there seems to be a growing amount of patients with chronic pain and neurological conditions, especially in recent years. Some of the conditions that my clients have suffered with while we were working together include Chronic and Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic/Persistent Pain, Chronic Tendinopathies, Functional Neurological Disorder, Depression and Anxiety to name a few. 
I am a firm advocate of the Bio-Psycho-Social model to pain and injury as well as managing the load and capacity of my clients via this approach. Treating each person individually is important as everyone has their own experiences, beliefs and symptoms. They might also have been through a range of other symptoms, not associated to the main goal we are working on. Being aware of the red flags, and when to refer to a healthcare professional in another field is essential in getting the individual their own best care.
Progressing my career further I am now teaching MSK Therapy on the Movement Therapy Diploma for Movement Therapy Education, which allows me to provide the most up to date and evidenced based care to my own patients, as well as educating other healthcare professionals to provide the same standards of care to their own patients and clients.
"I cannot recommend Dan enough to anyone who is suffering from injury, in need of rehabilitation, requires sports specific training or simply personal training. He’s a hugely talented and knowledgeable trainer, and a top bloke with a great sense of humour. You can be guaranteed a superior and extremely professional service with the advantage of having fun whilst working hard."
"I would wholeheartedly recommend Dan as his knowledge of training and therapy is second to none. Perhaps more importantly, he’s a really nice guy and can tailor his approach depending on the day I’ve had and the mood I’m in. The sessions are varied, enjoyable and something that I now look forward to each week. I will continue training with Dan for as long as I can!"
"The last year has been a huge journey and learning because of Daniel. How? Education & knowledge, treatment, getting to know what I can do, professionalism, laughter, bad jokes, tears, pain. The list is endless. This is the best place to go to because they are honest and genuinely care about you. I’m now doing deadlifts, using the TRX, walking better & doing yoga and so proud of myself but it would not be possible without Daniel. You guys rock!"
We are not interested in degrees of flexibility, outdated assessments or giving out one size fits all generic exercise plans printed off a database etc.

At Movement Therapy Clinics we prefer to use a "Patient Specific Functional Scale", How is it affecting your life and the measurements and assessments we do are around how to do those activities better.
You may often see on social media and google searches what is the best exercise for "XYZ condition", but in reality there isn't one...

It's not always helpful to categories people in to boxes and label their conditions of what they can and cant do, it is much better to help the individual find out ways to train and manage their symptoms all while improving their capacity for any given activity that is meaningful to them.

Everything we do has got to be specific to the individual experiencing it and the expertise is how we adapt the exercises, movements, programs etc. to better suit the person we are helping.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you. 
Payment Information
Packages Available - Longer Term Clients
60 - 90 minutes
  • Medical/Injury History,
  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment Plan
Follow Up sessions
and monthly packages from
40 - 50
45 - 60 minutes
  • Follow Up to Initial Consultation
  • 45 minutes Treatment or Exercise Session
"Dan had been providing my continuous rehab for the last few months and it had made a massive difference. Due to my injury & surgery my rehab is not a quick fix, and I will continue to see Dan not only for my rehab, but later to continue my progress through strength & conditioning."
"Great instructor who is very knowledgable and provides a wide variety of exercises to strengthen and improve your physique. I am 48 years of age and no longer have the constant aches and pains. I feel physically stronger and have lost weight as a result of the sessions."
"Dan was very professional and understanding, he helped me with my pain, showed me various exercises that would help. He helped me to control my pain so that I could carry on with everyday tasks. He made me feel relaxed as I was quite nervous about the treatment after physio from my doctors which hadnt helped. Dan certainly knows what he’s doing. I would recommend, as he is amazing!"
This is a typical flow of one of our patients journeys through our clinic;
The patient fills out an enquiry form on our website where they are urged to provide as much information about their condition, problem and reasons why they want an appointment with us.
Phone Call to assess needs and whether we are the right people for that individual to see. If not we refer on to relevant healthcare professional to best fit their aims and goals. Book in for a 1-2-1 Initial Consultation - either face to face or via telehealth.
During the Initial consultation we do a thorough subjective assessment, including medical history, past surgeries, training load/plan, how your pain or condition came on and when, as well as many others. We also do the relevant objective assessments for your condition/problem. Once we have all that information we are then able to treat the patient with exercise or manual therapy from our working hypothesis of what is going on and how we can help, as well as explaining to you as best we can what is and what can be done, with many options available. Finally we draw up a plan together with the patient around their needs, time constraints and financial circumstances etc.
Follow up appointments or reviews are then set at regular intervals to either assess, train or monitor progress as well as keeping patients accountable and adhere to the plan set out. We then change the plan along the way as new information is obtained with each session to make sure the patient is completely satisfied and seeing results with regular mini assessments throughout, until such time the pain has gone, injured has healed or the initial aims and goals are met.
The Initial consultations and follow up appointments are done one of two ways or a combination of the two.
The first option is to see patients face to face in clinic to physically rehab pain and injuries via movement, exercise and strength training in collaboration with manual therapy, if required.
The second option is via Telehealth, whereby we use zoom to advise and guide patients that can not get to the clinic as often or at all. This option is very flexible and can be done to monitor progress and check in at more regular intervals if needed.
The third option is a combination of the first and second options where we provide a combination of face to face and telehealth sessions, that can be the best option for the individual patient.
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