Mike Grice
Osteopath, Sports Therapist, S&C, Biomechanics Coach, Clinical Anatomist
✓ Initial diagnosis ✓ Persistent pain ✓ Return to activities
Hi, My name is Mike, I'm an Osteopath at Movement Therapy Clinics in Harborne. I usually treat people who have sustained an injury and who need a diagnosis and treatment for those injuries.
I also deal with people with persistent pain who may have been to many different people and not sure what to do next.

I specialise in exercise rehabilitation. I can take you from the early stages of a rehabilitation plan all the way through to return to your normal daily life (activities) or return to a sport that you like to play.

I'm usually in the clinic in Harborne on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday treating patients and then the other days of the week I also teach courses and run seminars and lectures.

If you are interested in seeing me please click the link below leave your details and I'll get back to you as soon as I can..
BBC WM Radio Interview 14th January 2019
"Top treatment in the country for movement therapy and strength & conditioning training. Really friendly and passionate staff. HIGHLY recommend"
"I've just had my first session with Mike. It was excellent!

I would highly recommend you.

P.S. I promise to do my exercises"
How to find us..
Movement Therapy Clinics
24 Earls Court Road
B17 9AH
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