Cadaver Workshop at King's College London - 30th April 2019
10am - 4.30pm
Mike Grice
Osteopath, Clinical Anatomist, Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics Coach
Keith Ward
Sports Therapist, Author, University Lecturer
Who is it for?
Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Manual Therapy/Body Workers (anyone with a professional qualification related to anatomy)

What will I get out of it?
To be allowed access to anatomy labs at such a prestigious University setting is a really humbling experience. Thousands of our countries leading doctors and surgeons have had their anatomy training at these labs. You will have unique access to these facilities and be taught and guided by lab technicians supplied by King's College as well as Mike and Keith who are both experienced manual therapy practitioners and University Lecturers.

How does the day run?
We usually take a maximum of 20 students and split them in to two groups. Each group will be assigned a technician and they will guide you through an explanation of the prosected specimens (This is not a dissection workshop - the cadavers are already prepared)

We start the day at 9.30am and you will need to arrive at 9am at the steps of the medical school. Keith and Mike will meet you there before going in to the labs. We usually have lunch at around 12.30 and at this time you also have access to the pathology library. The day usually finishes at 4.30pm.
What will we see?
The quality of the specimens that you see can differ in each visit. Typically we will be able to access and view the following structures:

Full lower limb and upper limb (including all muscles, bones, joints), thorax, viscera, spinal column, nerves of the upper and lower extremity, head and neck. There are also many specimens around the lab that are kept in jars and these are excellent for being able to observe the specific areas in 360 degrees.
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