Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy

  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Learn how to provide sports massage treatments
  • Get insured to work as a Sports Massage Therapist
  • ​Progress to the Movement Therapy Diploma (Level 5)
  • ​Join the Sports Therapy Association
  • ​Access to LearnAnatomy.Online

"Movement Therapy Education Tutors have worked at the highest level of sport, with top athletes and professional footballers and also work day to day in private practice - you will be taught by some of the best tutors in the UK"

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"Movement Therapy Education is one of the best education providers I have ever come across (and I’ve been with many over the years!)"

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How does the course run?

The course runs for 10 days over 5 weekends (one a month) and you will be required to complete assignments in between the weekends

You will be enrolled on our weekly LIVE anatomy education stream - Learn Anatomy Online

You will be expected to conduct and record at least 5 sports massage treatments on volunteers in between each monthly session

What does the course include?

The course covers all aspects of the National Occupational Standards for Sports Massage at Level 3

The course covers additional content about Pain science and the BioPsychoSocial (BPS) model of pain and content recommended by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). This is not part of the National Standards but we feel is essential knowledge for all new sports massage therapists

Weekend One

  • Role of a Sports Massage Therapist
  • ​Case History Taking
  • Professionalism/Ethics/H&S
  • ​How to set up your treatment couch/room
  • ​General Massage techniques for the legs

Weekend Two

  • The Tissue Healing Process - Understanding Injury
  • ​Referral Networks
  • Scope of Practice & Safety Net
  • ​Foot, Ankle & Knee Introduction
  • ​General Massage techniques for the Back

Weekend Three

  • Pelvis and Spine Anatomy Introduction
  • ​DermoNeuroModulation - What massage does..
  • Creating Treatment Plans
  • The science behind stretching
  • ​General Massage techniques for the Neck & Shoulders

Weekend Four

  • Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Anatomy
  • ​Bringing it all together
  • Case History, Assess, Treat, Reassess
  • ​Pre-Post Event
  • ​General Massage Techniques for the shoulders and arms

Weekend Five

  • Hand in all worksheets
  • ​Mock Assessments before final day
  • Case History, Assess, Treat, Reassess
  • ​Final Assessment

Anatomy knowledge is the cornerstone of any good therapist and Movement Therapy Education are experts in delivering Anatomy Education. Our course director, Mike Grice, is an Osteopath and Clinical Anatomist and has been teaching anatomy for over 20 years. He runs weekly online Anatomy Education that is included in the Sports Massage course - once you join one of our sports massage courses you will have lifelong access to LearnAnatomy.Online

Movement Therapy Education - Birmingham

Venue: Movement Therapy Clinics, 24 Earls Court Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9AH

Sports Massage Tutors in Birmingham

Mike Grice

Mike is an Osteopath, Clinical Anatomist and Sports Therapist. He has been delivering Sports Therapy Qualifications for over 15 years. Mike has trained a number of Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists from the Premier League including Liverpool FC, Manchester United & Chelsea and still works in practice at his facility in Birmingham (Course venue)

Daniel Williams

Daniel is a Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Coach. He works in private practice and treats a wide variety of people from professional athletes to office workers. Dan has a passion for teaching Sports Massage and making sure that learners on the course get the most up to date information possible

Sports Massage Dates in Birmingham

Level 3 Sports Massage - Birmingham

16/17 April 2022, 21/22 May 2022, 18/19 June 2022, 16/17 July 2022, 6/7 Aug 2022 ****COURSE FULL****

Level 3 Sports Massage - Birmingham

24/25 Sept 2022, 8/9 Oct 2022, 12/13 Nov 2022, 10/11 Dec 2022, 7/8 Jan 2023

Level 3 Sports Massage - Birmingham

18/19 Feb 2023, 18/19 Mar 2023, 15/16 Apr 2023, 20/21 May 2023, 17/18 June 2023

Level 3 Sports Massage - Birmingham

15/16 July 2023, 16/17 Sept 2023, 14/15 Oct 2023, 18/19 Nov 2023, 16/17 Dec 2023

Movement Therapy Education - Liverpool

Venue: Clinic-Al, 79 Sandon Rd, Southport PR8 4QD

Sports Massage Tutors in Liverpool

Alistair Cunningham

Alistair has over 20 years experience in clinical practice and specialises in Soft Tissue/Sports Massage. He was a Sports Therapist for Liverpool FC first team for a number of years under Brendan Rogers and Jurgen Klopp. Alistair also runs his own practice (Course Venue) and treats a wide variety of patients at his very busy clinic. He is one of the most enthusiastic tutors we've ever met!

Sports Massage Dates in Liverpool

Level 3 Sports Massage - Liverpool

 23/24 April 2022, 21/22, May 2022, 25/26 June 2022, 30/31 July 2022, 3/4 Sept 2022

Level 3 Sports Massage - Liverpool

24/25 Sept 2022, 22/23 Oct 2022, 19/20 Nov 2022, 17/18 Dec 2022, 14/15 Jan 2023

Movement Therapy Education - Central

Sports Massage Tutors in Central England

Tristen Attenborough

Tris qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage in 2014 and runs Move Massage Pro in Northamptonshire. Dissatisfied with the current quality of courses and available CPD, Tris attended courses from the most progressive pain scientists, researchers and physiotherapists, and always as the only massage therapist attending.

Having previously taught undergraduate research methods, statistics and cognitive psychology while carrying out post-graduate research at the University of Northampton, Tris is committed to developing evidence-based practice.

Awarded an MSc in Pain Management (with distinction) at Cardiff University in 2021 Tris’ dissertation investigated the research around Pain Neuroscience Education and has a special interest in the management of persistent pain, and cognitive biases in clinical practice.

Tris believes passionately that massage therapy is of great value and the way to improve the industry is to deliver the highest quality content at entry-level, informed by evidence and provide clear career pathways for those wishing to pursue a career in massage therapy.

Matt Scarsbrook

A Soft Tissue Therapist by day, an ultra runner when he can and a human trampoline for his two toddlers the rest of the time, Matt loves a decent massage! After a BSc in Natural Sciences and 10 years in corporate business Matt started his original Soft Tissue Therapy training in 2017 following his “mental breakthrough” and subsequent mental health journey.

Matt quickly realised that progression was sorely needed in the education and teaching of manual techniques in MSK care, especially when it came to treating painful conditions. A scientist and nerd at heart, Matt loves to geek-out and translate the high level research into clinically useful information for therapists at all levels.

For Matt, an MSc in Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience reinforced the need for therapists to genuinely understand what is happening under their hands and that “treatment” is far more than simply the modality we use. Matt truly believes that evidence-informed approaches should be taught right from the start of a therapists journey into practice, where complexity can be layered onto solid basic principles.

Sports Massage Dates in Central England

Level 3 Sports Massage - Central England

1/2 Oct 2022, 5/6 Nov 2022, 3/4 Dec 2022, 7/8 Jan 2022, 4/5 Feb 2022