The Course Team

Mike Grice - Osteopath, Clinical Anatomist, Course Director
Mike is a Registered Osteopath with over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. He started his own training company in 2003 specialising in Health, Fitness and manual therapy training (Movement Therapy Education) and also lecture's on the FdSc and BSc Sports Therapy programmes at University College Birmingham and throughout the world in Anatomy and Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching. 

Mike has held lead tutor/instructor roles for Elite Therapy Education, Biomechanics Education, Oxford School of Sports Massage (OSSM), RockTape/RockBlade and NAQI and regularly teaches courses for Premier League and Championship football clubs alongside consultancy roles with Boots, Pera Products, Startrite, Brytespark and Convatec playing a key role in the research and development of new products and education systems. Mike regularly presents at conferences including Therapy Expo, FitPro, International Fitness Showcase, Good Health Show and the IOC world conference for Injury Prevention in Monaco.

Alistair Cunningham - Lead Tutor Liverpool
Hi my name is Alistair Cunningham. I am an experienced soft tissue therapist, that has run my own clinic in Southport for the last 19 years. I have an MSC in Football Injury Rehabilitation from Edge Hill and previously worked as an external consultant for Liverpool Football Club as a First Team Soft Tissue Therapist. I also run a Teaching Academy from my clinic and I am the main tutor in the North West for Movement Therapy Education. 

My main passion is helping people achieve their true potential.  

Outside of the treatment room you will find me enjoying the woods and sand dunes along the Sefton Coast with family walks, runs or cycling. I am a keen seasonal skier who also loves keeping fit at a local boxing gym, although I have trained in the past as a boxer for one year and had an arranged bout in front of 500 people. I love any challenges like this, be it physical or mental and normally go for the things that I fear the most. As I have found wonderful rewards when you push through your fears. I want to be there for the members of the STA as a friend and good support as a fellow Therapist in any challenges you face to help you get to your next level. 

I also have a real passion for playing music the aboriginal Didgeridoo, bongos and Dj’ing as this brings my soul to life.

I personally have found with technology, that it has now given me access to information that has illuded me for years. Questions I was unsure about, old narratives that have now been challenged. I started my studies doing a two-year advanced Sports Therapy Diploma back in 1999 and lots has changed since then! In the last 6 years I have had my eyes opened to all this new information that I did not realise was there. I still feel I am playing catch up as there is so much that we can get access to, but I sleep easy knowing I know more today than I did yesterday. 

I am more than happy to let go of what I was taught in the past and embrace change. As it’s all about the duty of care we have for our Clients / patients that come to us. Not forgetting developing yourself to be a better Therapist. 

I am a working progress that will never stop. I most definitely have not got all the answers, but I very well may have the answers to some of the problems you face. I will do all I can to source that information for you, and if unsure point you in the right direction. 

Chris Kitson - Lead Tutor Leeds

I’m a husband, Dad of 2 cheeky monkeys, MSK Therapist and Performance Coach with just over a decade of experience in the Health and Fitness industry (and I bloody love it!). 

I started my career in this industry in the form of Personal Training and team management, before integrating Sports Massage and Remedial Exercise in to my practice - a bit of a sideways leap from my previous career in music! 

I wanted to expand the depth of my clinical knowledge so gained a Masters’ degree in Osteopathy. I’ve since been lucky enough to have been invited to lecture at educational facilities, and professional events, as well as popping up on the odd podcast and guest spot here and there! 

When we’re not in lockdown, I lead workshops for teams of therapists, coaches, and athletes as well as being lucky enough to be the lead tutor for Movement Therapy Education in Leeds, and heading the Injuries module on the Body Type Nutrition Practical Academy. I’m really driven to help break down barriers between professions and get us all communicating more efficiently to help the people we deal with each day. 

In my day to day practice, I have worked with a wide audience ranging from geriatric clients wishing to improve their quality of life, through to GB athletes in various sports in both therapy, and coaching environments. 

My new business venture ‘Endurance Therapy & Performance’ primarily focusses on dealing with Endurance athletes, rehabilitating injuries, reducing injury risk, and improving performance. As a competitive (and very average!) Triathlete myself, I love working with the sport that is close to his heart. 

I’m really excited to help bring more therapists and like-minded professionals together to help grow our public and professional awareness to make the impact I know we can. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to connect and chat. 

Dan Williams - Tutor Birmingham

Daniel has been part of the Movement Therapy Team for a number of years after building his sports therapy practice in Loughborough. He is an experienced practitioner with good links between therapy and fitness and delivers our taping and Instrument assisted module days.







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