Treating the body as if the nervous system really mattered

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DermoNeuroModulating, or -tion, is a structured, interactive approach to manual therapy that considers the nervous system of the patient from skin cell to sense of self. Techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective. Positioning of limbs and trunk affects deeper nerve trunks (by shortening and widening their container), and is combined with skin stretch directed toward cutaneous fields of nerves that branch outward into skin (which may draw neural structure further through its container).
It is prudent to remember that manual handling of a patient's physicality is only a small part of developing a complete therapeutic context for change - while optional, it can also be optimal.

Course Tutor - Michael Reoch

Michael graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2007. He has a diverse background in treating patients with post surgical scar pain, office warriors, and weekend adventurers, as well as professional athletes. He focuses his education on neurological conditions and has a special interest in helping people with chronic/persistent and complex pain.

Mike uses massage therapy to treat all systems of the body. His practice is highly influenced by his pursuit for up-to-date research. Mike was a clinic instructor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy for four years. as well as running their case study program. Michael chaired a research panel at the 2012 Third International Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver, the RMTBC international Persistent Pain conference in 2014 and the Manual Therapy conference in 2016.

Michael is a past board member and the Chair of the Communications Committee for the Registered Massage Therapy Association of British Columbia. Through the RMTABC, Michael founded a professional practice group for pain management to help RMTs pursue special education in pain sciences called PPGPain.
Recently Michael has started to teach continuing education classes to fellow Manual Therapists, his curriculum can be found here.

In his spare time Mike loves to run the farm roads of Delta, Coaches kids soccer, and recently joined a recreational men's soccer team.

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Cutaneous nerves of the body

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